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Georgia Dairy Conference: Markets Monday

The 2023 Georgia Dairy Conference begins Monday, January 16 with a focus on markets and dairy economics. This lineup of U.S. dairy leaders will provide expert insights into the world of milk, feed, and export markets and what producers can expect in 2023.

Leading off Monday's general session is Dr. Marin Bozic. Dr. Bozic is considered a prominent expert on milk markets, risk management, and the Federal Milk Marketing Order system. Dr. Bozic will provide attendees with an outlook on the current status of the federal order system and discuss the future of milk markets in the U.S.

Next will be Carl B. Babler of Atten-Babler Commodities. Carl has been involved in the dairy business as a broker, educator, and hedger since 1975. He is the lead instructor of a

Comprehensive Commodity Marketing Class tailored to producers and agribusiness leaders. Carl will bring his years of experience in commodities markets to the 2023 GDC to forecast feed markets in 2023 and beyond.

Nearly every dairy newsletter and publication out there can't stop talking about dairy exports in 2022 and the potential for continued expansion of the US dairy export market in years to come. That's why we've asked Patti Smith, CEO of DairyAmerica, to share her experience as the head of the U.S.'s largest dairy export firm. Patti brings a wealth of knowledge on the development of export markets and how the growing export markets impact dairy producers across the country.

Batting cleanup and closing out our Monday general session is a longtime friend of the Georgia Dairy Conference, Calvin Covington. Calvin is no stranger to the Southeast Dairy industry serving as the CEO of Southeast Milk and writing about the Southeast in his Dixie Dairy Report. Calvin will bring our discussion of federal orders, risk management, commodities markets, and exports back home as he shares his outlook for the Southeastern dairy industry.

Don't miss out on Markets Monday at the 2023 Georgia Dairy Conference. Register today at

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