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2023 GA Dairy Conference Agenda

Monday, January 16

8:00   a.m.                 ACCM Board of Directors Meeting

10:00                         GA Milk Board of Directors Meeting 

11:00                         Registration Opens for Guest and Producers

12:00 p.m.                GDYF Board of Directors Meeting

12:00                         The Dairy Alliance/ADA of GA Meeting

1:30                            Milk Markets & the Federal Order System  Dr. Marin Bozic,  Professor of Applied Economics,                                      University of Minnesota

2:15                            Dairy Exports  Patti Smith, CEO, DairyAmerica

3:45                            Key Principles & Concepts Required to Navigate Your Dairy & Feed Markets

                                      Carl Babler, Principal, Atten Babler Commodities

4:30                            Southeast Dairy Market - Looking Back & Ahead

                                    Calvin Covington, Dairy Consultant & Author of Dixie Dairy Report


Tuesday, January 17

7:00    AM                    Continental Breakfast
8:00                              Industry Trends & Opportunities in Successful Calf Rearing

                                      Jim Quigley, Technical Lead - Calf & Heifer, Cargill
8:45                              Dairy Management: Looking Back, Then Looking Ahead

                                      Dr. Gordie Jones, DVM, Central Sands Dairy, LLC
9:30                              Exhibit Break
          Evaluating Profit Growth Potential: Planning for the Future

                                         Jason Karszes, Senior Extension Specialist, Cornell University
11:15                            Management Tips to Improve Milk Quality & Profitability

                                      Dr. David Reid, DVM, Rocky Ridge Consulting, LLC
12:00 PM                     Luncheon/GA Dairy Youth Live Auction
1:30                              Evolving Mastitis Therapies -
 Dr. Pamela Ruegg, DVM, David J. Ellis Chair

                                      in Antimicrobial Resistance, Michigan State University
2:15                              Analyze This: Managing Your Farm's Data

                                         Dr. Michael Overton, DVM, Global Precision Dairy Lead, Zoetis Inc.

                                              Sponsored by Zoetis
3:00                              Exhibit Break
3:30                              Lameness in Dairy Cattle: Observations from Georgia & Florida

                                         Dr. Jan Shearer, DVM, Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University

                                      Sponsored by Zinpro

4:15                              Building a Foundational Repro Program - Dr. Paul Fricke, Professor & Extension Specialist,                                          University of Wisconsin

5:00                              DHIA Awards


Wednesday, January 18

7:00  a.m.                   Continental Breakfast

7:00  a.m.                   Animal Health Regulations in Georgia

                                       Dr. Janemarie Hennebelle, State Veterinarian

8:00                            Creating a Forward Path for Dairy in the Southeast

                                      Geri Berdak, CEO, The Dairy Alliance

8:45                            Dairy Opportunities, Challenges & Innovations: The Keys to the Kingdom

                                       Dr. MaryAnne Drake, Professor of Food Science, North Carolina State University

9:30                            Exhibit Break

10:15                          Environmental Footprinting to Support Sustainable Dairy Production

                                       Dr. Kristan Foster Reed, Assistant Professor of Animal Science, Cornell University

11:00                          Strategies for Profitable Corn Silage  Nick Chammoun, Agronomist

                                    Sponsored by CNI Ag

The Georgia Dairy Conference is able to assemble a lineup of nationally-respected experts and industry leaders because of the generous support of our Presentation Sponsors who cover the travel & lodging costs of our distinguished speakers. Thank you to CNI Ag, Zinpro, & Zoetis for your generous support. Speakers do not necessarily endorse the products or services offered by Presentation Sponsors. 

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