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2021 GDC Agenda Coming Soon!

2020 GDC Agenda

5-6:30 p.m.               Social for SE Dairy Student Symposium

Sunday, January 19

Please note that speakers, time slots and topics may change. This
is a tentative agenda.

Monday, January 20

8 a.m.                          ACCM Board of Directors Meeting

8 a.m.                          S.E. Student Symposium - Auditorium

10 a.m.                       GA Milk Board of Directors Meeting

12 p.m.                       Registration and GDYF Board of Directors Meeting

12:00 p.m.                 The Dairy Alliance/ADA of GA Meeting

2:00 p.m.                    GA Dairy Industry Update - GA Milk; The Dairy Alliance, etc. 

3:00                             Exhibit Break

3:30                             Damian Mason, Keynote Speaker

4:30- 6 p.m.                GDYF Silent Auction and live auction with Reception in Exhibit Hall

Tuesday, January 21

7:00 – 8:00 a.m.         Continental Breakfast
8:00                              Managing Dairy Manure in the Central Valley of California
                                      Dr. Deanne Meyer, University of California, Davis
8:45                              Milk Quality Tips - Looking at the Whole Picture
                                      Dr. Andrew Johnson, The Udder Doctor, Dairy Consultant
9:30                              Control the Controllable: Making a Profit in Unprofitable Times
                                      Dr. John Ferry, Dairy Consultant and partner in Milk Street Dairy, New York
10:15                            Exhibitor Break
10:45                            New Concept in Dairy Barn Design – Hybrid Ventilation
                                      Dr. Gordie Jones, Dairy Consultant and a Partner at Central Sands Dairy, WI
11:30                            Precision Maternity Care on a Large Dairy

                                      Dr. Don Niles, Dairy Dreams LLC
12:15 p.m.                   GMP and DHIA Awards Luncheon
1:45                              Making Sense of Parlor Performance Numbers
                                      Dr. David Reid, Rocky Ridge Dairy Consulting
2:30                              Painting Your Own Picture
                                      Jay Hill, Co-Owner of Chaffhaye & Row Crop Farmer, Texas
3:15                              Exhibit Break
3:45                              Robotic Milking in the Southeast
                                      Rachael Kent, JGM Dairy Design Engineers
4:30                              Robotic Milking: What We Have Learned So Far
                                      Mark Rodgers, Hillcrest Farms, Dearing, Georgia

Wednesday, January 22

7:00 – 8:00 a.m.        Continental Breakfast
8:00                             Securing the Future of Dairy: Anticipating & Mitigating Activist Threats
                                     Hannah Thompson-Weeman, VP of Communications, Animal Agriculture                                               Alliance, Sponsored by The Dairy Alliance
8:45                             Milk Makes Amazing Campaign Report

                                     Amanda Lucey, CEO, The Partnership, Nicole Harvey, Cox Media Group

                                     and Lori Smith, The Kroger Co. 
9:30                             Opportunities for the Dairy Case: a Retailer's Perspective
                                     Philp Prendergast, The Kroger Co.
10:15                           Exhibit Break
11:00                           Dairy Foods – Evolution and Innovation

                                     Mark Fahlin, Business Development for Dairy at Cargill AMCAS
11:45                           Southeast Dairy Outlook
                                     Calvin Covington, Dairy Consultant and Author of Dixie Dairy Report