Bobby Walker Award

The lives and families of Bobby Walker and Dave Clark were honored at the 2020 Georgia Dairy Conference in Savannah for the impact that both dairymen had on the Georgia Dairy Industry.


In November, the Georgia Milk Producers Board of Directors voted to rename the "Friend of the Dairy Industry Award" to the "Bobby Walker Award". This change was made in honor of Bobby Walker's notable career, recognizing him as one of the most influential people of the Georgia dairy industry. Each year, Georgia Milk Producers presents the award to a dairy professional, farmer and/or company that is driving Georgia’s dairy industry toward a brighter future through leadership, advocacy and service.

Award Recipients

2020 - Dave Clark

2019 - Lewis Harrison

2018 - Earnest Turk

2017 - Cheryl Hayn

2016- Jim Cumming

2015- Billy O. Smith

2014- Bruce McAvoy

2013- Sue Mosley

2012- Peggy Gates

2011- Bobby Walker

2010- Dr. Bill Thomas

2009- Henry Cabaniss

2008- Linda Mayfield

2007- Zippy Duvall

2006- Bob Earle

2005- Wayne Dollar

2004- Dr. Larry Guthrie

2003- Dr. Joe West

Dave Clark Honored with First Bobby Walker Award


The Georgia Milk Producers Board of Directors presented the first "Bobby Walker" Award to the family of Dave Clark to honor the life of Dave and his contribution to the Georgia Dairy Industry.

Dave Clark grew up working on his grandparents’ dairy operation before he started his own in 1979. He began with 40 cows and no land. Through hard work and the drive to continually improve, Clark’s dairy farm grew to 1,000 cows and is currently known as one of the top dairy herds in Georgia. His investment in the well-being of his cows and employees is demonstrated each year when Godfrey Dairy Farm is named as a recipient for the Georgia Cream of the Crop and Milk Quality awards.

For the last 19 years, Clark served on the Board of Directors for Georgia Milk Producers, Inc., faithfully representing the dairy producers in his district. Clark also served on the Southeast DHIA and the American Dairy Association of Georgia Board of Directors. Dave and employees continually give back to the community by hosting several educational farm tours each year for school and producer groups. They also provide dairy heifers for many 4-H and FFA members in central Georgia. Through his generosity and kind spirit, he touched many lives in Georgia.