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Bobby Walker Award

In November 2019, the Georgia Milk Producers Board of Directors voted to rename the "Friend of the Dairy Industry Award" to the "Bobby Walker Award". This change was made in honor of Bobby Walker's notable career, recognizing him as one of the most influential people of the Georgia dairy industry. Each year, Georgia Milk Producers presents the award to a dairy professional, farmer and/or company that is driving Georgia’s dairy industry toward a brighter future through leadership, advocacy and service.

Award Recipients

2024 - Edward Coble and

Doyle Weltzbarker 

2023 - Gary W. Black

2022 - Jack Spruill

2021 - Barry Dye and Steve Smith

2020 - Dave Clark

2019 - Lewis Harrison

2018 - Earnest Turk

2017 - Cheryl Hayn

2016 - Jim Cumming

2015 - Billy O. Smith

2014 - Bruce McAvoy

2013 - Sue Mosley

2012 - Peggy Gates

2011 - Bobby Walker

2010 - Dr. Bill Thomas

2009 - Henry Cabaniss

2008 - Linda Mayfield

2007- Zippy Duvall

2006 - Bob Earle

2005 - Wayne Dollar

2004 - Dr. Larry Guthrie

2003 - Dr. Joe West

Edward Coble and Doyle Weltzbarker Honored with 2024 Bobby Walker Award

Edward Coble and Doyle Weltzbarker, Georgia dairy farmers and active leaders in the Georgia dairy industry, have been named the 2024 Bobby Walker Award recipients by Georgia Milk Producers, Inc. The Bobby Walker Award (formerly named “The Friend of the Dairy Industry Award”) recognizes individuals who have advanced the dairy industry in Georgia and is the highest honor awarded by the trade association for Georgia dairy farmers. Colbe and Weltzbarker received the award at the Georgia Milk Producers, Inc. annual awards luncheon on Tuesday, January 17th during the Georgia Dairy Conference in Savannah, Georgia.


Both Edward Coble and Doyle Weltzbarker have spent the better part of 50 years in the dairy business while advocating for the interests of Georgia dairy farmers and the agriculture industry. 

“Ed Coble and Doyle Weltzbarker are not only excellent dairy farmers, but they have been exceptional leaders in our industry and important advocates for Georgia dairy farmers for many years,” said Georgia Milk Producers, Inc. President Matt Johnson. “I am honored to say that I have known Ed and Doyle for many years, and I—like many farmers across our state—have learned a great deal about farming, agribusiness, and agricultural policy from them. They have both played a major role in advancing our industry, and we are immensely grateful for their contributions to the Georgia dairy industry.”

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